Rooms of the House

Album art for Rooms of the House. (

Album art for Rooms of the House. (

By: Charles Arnaudo

Released on Mar. 18, Rooms of the House marks the return of La Dispute after three years without a release. The album showcases the band at its best.

Singer Jordan Dreyer’s ability to construct and destroy emotions throughout the album paints a vivid picture of his character, who is fictitious in nature. Although the lyrics are drawn from fictitious material, Dreyer and the rest of the band are able to make a connection to the listener with Rooms of the House.

La Dispute managed to trim their songs to the bone with this album, which is their shortest full length, clocking in at 41:49 minutes. Songs such as “For Mayor in Splitsville” show the band’s ability to show structure and conciseness to what they’re writing. Other songs, such as “Woman (in mirror)” have the band drifting along, gently stringing tension and hardship throughout. “HUDSONVILLE MI 1956” has the band cutting out frequently, with Dreyer urging the listener to ‘‘stay calm,” creating a foreboding sense of urgency and desperation.

Rooms of the House is built on a foundation of all the things that make La Dispute great, such as Dreyer’s laser sharp vocals, making for a solid album that further expands the band’s sound, while also making it harder to pin them under one genre.

The album’s master craftsmanship, and the band’s ability to connect with the listener earns the album five out of five stars. It beautifully illustrates through sound crumbling lives and hope, while also creating the comfort of home.

La Dispute will be supporting Rooms of the House on April 9 at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass. The show is sold out. The album is available through all major retailers as well as independent record stores.