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By: Taylor McKenna is a website designed to provide education while donating food to the hungry through a series of simple questions. For each question a participant answers correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to charities. For every 10 questions answered correctly a bowl of rice is donated to the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

The website is run from the WFP headquarters located in Rome, Italy. It was originally founded in 2007 by John Breen and was then donated to WFP in 2009 in hopes of educating and feeding as many people as possible.

There are multiple types of categories to choose questions from such as: Math, Language Learning and English. As players answer the questions, the game gradually becomes more difficult for every three questions answered correctly. When a question is answered incorrectly, the website gives the correct answer so the player can eventually answer correctly.

An example of a typical level one question is

“Car means:




Carpet.” Obviously, the correct answer would be “Automobile.”

An example of a level four question is

“Routine means:




Towering.” The answer is Ordinary.

The website can increase a user’s vocabulary by presenting more advanced and less common words as the player progresses to higher levels, even if answered incorrectly, since the correct answer is provided.

“Freerice is a very unique website. I have never seen anything like it,” said junior Rebecca Szewczyk.

The rice is donated by sponsors of the website, whose name appears at the bottom of the screen when a question is answered correctly. In August 2013, the website reached 100 billion grains of rice donated.

“I think it’s a great cause because I love giving back and it’s such an easy way to do so,” said junior Amy Tundel.

The website helps feed hungry people in countries such as Cambodia, Haiti, Uganda, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It facilitates a very serious and important cause while also educating, which isn’t something found every day.

“More people should use Freerice because it’s a simple way to help a great cause,” said junior Brittany Dixon.

“Freerice is a great game that students and adults can use to improve their knowledge while assisting those less fortunate. I first discovered the site the year Breen created it. I was impressed then and am still impressed by how far the idea has progressed. There are actually 60 levels for English vocabulary. Everyone should try their hand at this site for 10 minutes a week. Think about how many grains of rice could be donated just through Attleboro High alone?” said English teacher Ms. Adeline Bee.