TAYLOR’S TRUTH: Disneynature

By: Taylor McKennaTaylor's Truth Column photo

Disneynature is a Disney company which produces independent nature films. Founded on April 21, 2008 by the Walt Disney Film Studios, the newest film comes to theaters on April 18 and is titled Bears.

The films usually come out around Earth day every year; an exception was The Crimson Wing, a documentary on the life of flamingoes, which came out in Oct.

Current Disneynature films are out on Blu-ray or DVD in order of release date are Earth, The Crimson Wing, Oceans, African Cats, Chimpanzee, and Wings of Life.

Celebrities help narrate the films such as Tim Allen (Chimpanzee), Meryl Streep (Wings of Life), Pierce Bronsnan (Oceans), Samuel L. Jackson (African Cats), James Earl Jones (Earth), and John C. Reilly (Bears).

Each film takes a unique approach to view the lives of the different species that inhabit the globe. Some are focused on specific creatures like Chimpanzee and Bears, while others are more general like Earth and Oceans.

The Disneynature films wonderfully capture many aspects of the Earth. They open the eyes of the viewers, and help them realize the significance of every living being on this planet. They’re great films to watch in order to fully experience what the planet has to offer. They’re like a vacation.

My favorite Disneynature film is Chimpanzee because I would always watch Jane Goodall’s show with my mom, which got me interested in them. They are some of my favorite films.

Disneynature films take these subjects and make them as light as possible, making them viewable for younger children. By shedding a light on these subjects, children can learn about their planet and the animals that share it with them.

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