Local Author Gives Self-Publishing Tips

Brad Pittman holds up a copy of his book, Ma is Back! (Photo/Lionel Couturier)

Brad Pittman holds up a copy of his book, Ma is Back! (Photo/Lionel Couturier)

By: Lionel Couturier

On Feb. 7, local author Brad Pitman spoke to Ms. Adeline Bee’s journalism class at AHS about his journey to publishing his own book and releasing it to the public.

Pitman wrote the book Ma Is Back! about his mother Maude, who began suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in 1996.  He gave advice to the class about his writing process and how to improve theirs.

“Write down all your facts and verify them before you put them into your work; I backed up my facts in my book. You want all your information to be correct,” said Pitman when one student asked him about the contents of his book. He expressed the importance of verifying information before putting it into articles.

“At your age I couldn’t read. I had dyslexia and ADHD and overcame it to write my book,” said Pitman when telling the class about his struggle with writing Ma Is Back! He described the process of writing his book as “an adventure” and told the class that “you can never stop learning.”

Pitman also described the process of having a book published. “I went to five publishers before I decided to publish it myself,” said Pitman. He originally went to the Harvard Book Store and had the book pressed by a machine called Paige Gortonborg. He paid $8 per book for the first 200 books and printed 10,000 of them.

He later had them printed in East Providence, RI for a lot less. The book even had an ISBN and an ICCN number. He reiterated that as the author, you should make your own decisions, not let others tell you how to write.

He gave the class a lot of tips for writing such as using the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why). Pitman also told the class to absolutely give quotation credit and that students can always learn new things from print media such as news papers.

“I wrote a book and so can you,” said Pitman as he wrapped up his presentation to the class. Pittman’s book can be found online here.