TAYLOR’S TRUTH: Animal Shelters

By: Taylor McKennaTaylor's Truth Column photo

It’s ridiculous and cruel that animals, specifically dogs, are killed when they act aggressively simply out of fear towards people. It’s understandable that people would like to defend themselves, but that’s exactly what the animal is doing; it’s a vicious cycle.

Dogs usually don’t bite unless there is a reason. Usually they’re provoked, and should not be punished for it as it’s only in their nature. While some might be mean-spirited, that doesn’t account for all of them, so why hurt them?

Instead of harming the animals, if somebody feels the need to control specific breeds and isolate them from society, then there could be places provided where they can live funded by taxpayers or those who feel this way. Is it wrong for dogs to hurt people when so many people hurt them?

If a dog has been abused and is therefore aggressive, it should be given a safe place to live where it won’t continue to be harmed and where it cannot harm someone. In this way everybody stays safe and no animal’s life is taken.

In most cases, people who have harmed and even murdered other people are sent to prison, but dogs are put down? It doesn’t seem fair at all.

Shelters often put down animals when there is not enough space. The problem obviously is the lack of donations or volunteers. These problems have very simple solutions.

Try donating or volunteering for a local animal shelter so that the number of animals put down in shelters can be reduced. Volunteering will offer a way for animal shelters to spend their money on the things they need to keep going, such as food and shelter without having to pay for salaries.

Hopefully there will be a change through volunteering and expanded donations in the near future, as the untimely death of anything is a very disturbing thought.

Nearby animal shelters include Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter, RISPCA and the North Attleborough Animal Shelter.

Items that shelters ask for are non-clumping litter (no clay), cleaning solutions (Simple Green), flea control, and dry or wet cat/dog food.

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