SCOREBOARD: It’s Super Bowl Time

By: Cameron MerrittCameron Merritt senior pic

After another NFL season, it’s that time of year again. Super Bowl Sunday, the quintessential American sports holiday, a festival of football, food, and showmanship, is only two days away. The eyes of millions of Americans will be focused on MetLife Stadium in New York (well, actually New Jersey) as the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos square off for a chance to call themselves the champion of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Across this nation (and even the world), people are jumping on bandwagons, rooting against a rival, or, for a lucky few, awaiting the chance to see their favorite team lift the Vince Lombardi trophy and join in the celebration that ensues. It’s a feeling that many in New England have become quite familiar with these past few years, however, one which will not occur this time as the New England Patriots fell one game short of another chance at glory. Looks like we’ll have to settle for just one championship in Boston this year…

As for the game itself, the clash presents several opportunities for its participants. For Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, a win would help solidify his stellar career in an area which has often been his weak point; playoff success. This is the 37 year old’s third trip to the big game, and he currently holds a 1-1 record in his previous two appearances. After breaking even on his playoff record at 11-11 following his team’s 26-16 win over the Patriots and longtime rival Tom Brady, Manning seems as strong as ever and must be hungry to prove his doubters wrong with a victory Sunday.

As for the Seahawks, it’s a chance for the trash-talking genius (he graduated Stanford with a 3.9 GPA) cornerback Richard Sherman to back up all he’s said and prove he really is the best corner in all of football (which he probably is). For the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, it’s his chance to complete his underdog story. A former Minor Leaguer (actually he’s on the Texas Rangers 40 Man Roster), Wilson was underrated in the 2012 NFL Draft compared to his counterparts, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, but has so far had more playoff success than either of them combined. A Super Bowl ring can well be imagined to further sweeten all he’s accomplished so far and set a precedent for his legacy going forward.

If waiting for a prediction, I’m here to say I don’t have one for the game. The Seahawks are carrying a lot of momentum, but remember how I doubted the Broncos two weeks ago? Yeah, they proved me wrong, and in a game where they took the lead early and never relinquished it, and pretty emphatically as well. It’s a toss-up for me; I have no stakes either way. Hopefully it’s an enjoyable one (and that the lights don’t go out again).

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