Wonders of Wattpad

The home page of Wattpad. (Photo/Kylie Levine)

The home page of Wattpad. (Photo/Kylie Levine)

By: Kylie Levine

Wattpad is an app/website suitable for various ages though it is most popular among teens. This is an app where aspiring journalists/novelists may go to post eBooks, poems, or short stories they have written and receive critiques by peers.

There is also an edit button so authors can fix their own grammatical mistakes or other errors, even after the piece is posted. Within the app there are many categories of different genres like romance, horror and fantasy.

Readers may also search any title that appeals to them. Though the foundation of this app is unpublished authors’ work, there are some published books uploaded along with some spoofs of well-known books like The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf and Percy Jackson.

A news feed allows the user to go see what books are recommended based on how many people have read and voted for them.

After signing into the app, check out the tab labeled “My Library.” This is where all the books a user may have saved are held so they can easily pick which book to read whenever desired, which makes it a very convenient feature.

On the website, the library tab is located under the user’s own personal tab that is labeled with the user’s name at the top right corner of the page. Also on the website there is a “Community” tab with sub titles labeled “Blog, Clubs, Awards, and Wattpad life.”

Within both the website and the app there’s an option for users to submit their pieces to the Watty Awards, which is a competition with other writers around the world. Two winners are chosen in each of twenty seven categories. One is named “Popular” and the other “On the Rise.”

All winners in the Original Fiction category receive a $200 cash prize. Additionally, one finalist in the Original Fiction category wins the chance to work with a Sourcebooks editor to develop his or her work for possible publication.

Everything on the app, whether it’s reading or publishing a book, is free. It can be downloaded for free at the Apple app store, Google play store for Android users, Blackberry app world, or the Kindle Fire app store.