Variety Show 2014

By: Cameron Merritt

On Jan. 16, the AHS Class of 2014 presented the annual Variety Show. A fundraiser for the senior class, this event, which is a show rather than a competition, featured 11 performances from 14 AHS students, and was hosted by a pair of seniors, Alexa Harvey and Olivia Mayer.

“All the performers were really great, a lot of the singers were really, really great, and the dancers [too], we loved it,” said Mayer.

As for her own job as host, Mayer said that “for the most part, [the night] went smooth.”

“My co-host Alexa and I had trouble coming up with what to say [as hosts], but we made it work, and we thought we were funny,” she added.

The 14 performers were seniors Nick Dipanfilo, Terrance “Get” Gathers, Alyssa Germaine, Victoria “Vee” Lopez, Dara Sim, and Madison Thomas, juniors Vichai Ching, Eli Malo, Shawn Monast, and Monica Sar, sophomores Jocelyn Reyome and Sydney Thomas, and freshmen Jesse So and Sabrina Tetreault.

The first performance of the night came from Malo and Monast, who did a cover of the song “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Monast played guitar, while Malo sang lead vocals.

They were followed up by Madison, who sang “Forever and Always” by Parachute, which tells the tale of a young couple whose love perseveres through a tragic accident that takes the life of the boyfriend, who’s girlfriend marries him in the hospital room and talks of the future they’ll have together, holding his hand as he slowly slips away.

Next was Sim, who competed in Nov.’s Mr. AHS pageant. Just as with that competition, he performed a dance routine, but with a new mix of songs, including “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and a remix of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

Tetreault followed up with a cover of “A Thousand Years” by Cristina Perri, for which she both sang and played the piano. While initially struggling, her voice persevered as she decided to stop playing the piano and let her vocals finish strongly.

Gathers, a regular at the Variety Show for the past three years, follwed her as he performed a rap of original verses that he had created and out together for the show.

“I felt like it went good, I felt like it could’ve been better, but I had a good time,” said Gathers. “Since this was the first stage I ever performed on, [my talents] have come a long way.”

“It was really cool to see everyone come together and support him,” said senior Josh Silva on watching Gathers perform. “Everyone knows [Gathers] can rap but his stage presence was unprecedented at the Variety Show.”

The first half finale saw Sar perform a dance routine set to the songs “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood and a dance remix of “Pompeii” by Bastille.

Before intermission could go on though, there was a surprise performance by members of the Interact Club dressed as Uncle Sam and others in patriotic garb, came out and danced to Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” to promote the upcoming, America-themed Polar Plunge.

After the 10 minute break, Lopez came out and sang Destiny’s Childs slow ballad hit “Emotions,” which was followed by Germaine, who felt a little under the weather, as the senior did a rendition of “How ‘Bout a Dance” from the musical Bonnie & Clyde.

“I’m pretty happy with my performance,” said Germaine. “I’m kind of sick, so I was a little nervous, but overall I think it went pretty well.”

She said what lead her to choose the song, which she first heard over the summer, is that it’s one she’s been considering using for an audition for a music school and “wanted to try it out in front of an audience.”

She was followed by a duo of dancers, So and Ching, who performed as Attleboro’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC), which consisted of some interpretive moves and a lot of break dancing, including many spin moves on the floor. Dipanfilo was next, and reprised his karate routine from Mr. AHS, displaying controlled power with every move, later adding in a bow staff.

The final performance of the night, by Reyome and Sydney, was a duet performance of the song “Stay” by Rihanna, with Reyome singing the main part while Sydney did the backups while also playing acoustic guitar.

 “I thought they worked well together and they were both really good singers,” said sophomore Kayla Merritt.

After the show, many who attended were impressed by the talent displayed by their classmates.

“I think they were all fantastic,” said senior Mike Pratt. “There were so many different types of things they did, and they all did really well.”

Pratt, along with fellow senior Kait Hull, said their favorites were Germaine and Reyome, and even though they were “a little biased” because they’re fellow members in the AHS Drama Club, both were great.

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