Album art for Directions (Designed by Charles Arnaudo)

Album art for Directions (Designed by Charles Arnaudo)

By: Charles Arnaudo

As local metal band Reversion drove to North Providence, R.I. to record their first E.P Directions, senior Alex Rao, a guitarist, reflected on his time with the band.

“We’ve been on this journey for so long now, that it’s crazy to think we’re still here. It’s been six years, and we’re finally recording and putting out something we’re proud of” said Rao. The band was orignally formed in the sixth grade when Rao and Joey Pignatone met Charles Arnaudo, the current drummer. Both Arnaudo and Pignatone are juniors.

Directions was recorded over the week of Thanksgiving at No Boundaries Studios. The band worked closely with producer Chris Piquette, who owns and operates the studio.

Recording is a tedious task, requiring precision timing and near perfect playing.While recording drum tracks, multiple expletives could be heard from Arnaudo, who had trouble playing certain parts.

Over the course of two days, Joey worked methodically recording guitar.

The slow nature of recording becomes very monotonous after a few hours. Frequent drives to pizza places were made to escape the black hole of time that is a studio. Without windows in the studio, time passes in an odd fashion.

Despite the time and mind-altering affects of the studio, the band made it home for Thanksgiving. “After being at the studio, and working for three days, I’m real glad to be home. I missed my bed,” said freshman Peter Pignatone, bassist of Reversion.

When Reversion returned to the studio on Friday, singers Savard and Rao lamented over the fact that they would have to spend the next ten hours recording vocals. The process was tedious, recording no more than three words at a time.

It would take two more trips to the studio to finish the album, delaying the release of the E.P until Jan. 24.

Directions, the groups first E.P, will be available Jan. 24, on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and other online retailers for $5. Physical copies of the album can be purchased online from and for $7.

“The studio was an experience like no other. I’ve always wanted to be in a band and I’m finally experiencing a real taste of what it’s like,” said senior Mike Savard, the lead singer of Reversion.