Welcoming Ms. Lindsey McDonald

Ms. Lindsey McDonald, the new House II guidance councilor. (Photo/Giovanni Carcamo)

Ms. Lindsey McDonald, the new House II guidance councilor. (Photo/Giovanni Carcamo)

By; Giovanni Carcamo

AHS has a new guidance counselor, Ms. Lindsey McDonald in House Two. She replaced Mrs. Julie Little, who became the Guidance Coordinator.

McDonald graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2005. She majored in psychology, earned a bachelor’s, and then earned a master’s degree in Education School Counseling.

She attended Weymouth High School, in Weymouth, Mass. and was a big athlete in her school community especially in basketball. Her family consists of parents, an identical twin, and two other siblings.

She’s not sure about her future for the next 20 years but said, “Hopefully I’ll be married with some children.”

McDonald sees herself in education “for the long run,” as she continues as a guidance counselor. She enjoys AHS and said, “I love the diversity within the school and how much it is a community. I relate it from where I came from.”

She has never had teaching experience, and wouldn’t want to do it. She finds pleasure from the one on one connection with students, instead of a classroom filled with 25 or more; she loves this aspect of her job.

She decided to apply to AHS because, “working before in a private school didn’t work well with me personally. I had always imagined myself in a public school, like from where I grew up,” said McDonald.

“I appreciate all my students. They intrigue me because I don’t just deal with one type of problem when it comes to what the student is dealing with; it’s a mixed bag,” said McDonald.

McDonald’s favorite color is royal blue. She reads a lot, and likes books that are memoirs or those that deal with history; she describes herself as a “book worm.”

McDonald’s advice to students is, “Do your homework, have a plan and don’t stress.”