The Fault In Our Stars

By: Julianna Araujo

The cover of The Fault In Our Stars. (

The cover of The Fault In Our Stars. (

John Green’s heart wrenching novel The Fault In Our Stars follows terminal cancer patient Hazel Grace through her final chapter of life. Despite dying from this disease, Hazel’s life takes a final turn for the better when she meets Augustus Waters in a cancer support group.

Grace and Waters set out on an emotional adventure of love, sadness and romance, as they are desperate to make the most of their short time together. In particularly, Waters and Grace bond over Grace’s favorite book, Imperial Afflictions, which again brings them both together in a more intimate way.

Like Grace, the main character in Imperial Afflictions is a young girl with cancer. However, the story ends with many cliffhangers, leaving Grace determined to meet the author so he can explain what happened. To help her on her quest, Waters uses his “wish” from the Make a Wish Foundation to send Grace to meet the Dutch author in Amsterdam.

Green’s novel reaches its climax as Grace and Waters make their way through Amsterdam, developing an even stronger connection to each other, leading Waters to unveil a heartbreaking secret which changes both of their lives forever.

Readers who enjoy a read filled with witty humor and tear-jerking dismay will be captivated by The Fault In Our Stars, and feel as if they’re right there with Hazel as she takes her final breaths.

Green’s novel deserves four and a half out of five stars for successfully pulling at readers emotions, bringing out tears, laughter, and smiles.