OPINION: Defending Miley

By: Giovanni Carcamo

Miley Cyrus, as seen on her latest album's cover. (www.itunes.com)

Miley Cyrus, as seen on her latest album’s cover. (www.itunes.com)

Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming the new topic everyone is talking about. This blonde buzz cut diva is emerging as an official pop star, instead of a stereotypical country singer. Cyrus, was known as the Disney character Hannah Montana, now she is becoming headline news because of her style, music, and sexuality.

Young teens are attracted to her, because of her brave antics and performances; proof of this was seen on the MTV Music Awards where she twerked and was surrounded by dancing teddy bears while being dressed as a grown baby.

Cyrus is receiving feedback from all around the world. Some see her as a teen idol, others, sees her as a negative influence to the next generation, and to the music industry.

Cyrus’s debut of her new genre of music was revealed with her first song off her fifth album Bangerz, entitled “We Can’t Stop.”

This album is a mix of hip-hop and pop along with a music video, which displays the partying life as glamorous. Her official first single, from the album, named “Wrecking Ball,” is about a troubled relationship, and the music video showed a nude Cyrus proud of her own skin.

Just these two songs will encourage the listener to purchase the entire album. Bangerz shows Cyrus’s bright, new future and how far she can go. The album was not a disappointment, since it contains soulful vocals and deep lyrics, but the cherry on top of the whole album, was that it is a melting pot of genres. Hip-hop, country, pop, and disco all contribute to Cyrus expressing herself, flowing together perfectly, track after track. It was released last Oct.

Cyrus put a lot of work into this album, proving she can make meaningful music into truthful art.

Cyrus MTV special, “The Movement,” showed Cyrus’s life; and Cyrus discussing how she feels about her life now, how she feels about her change from childhood to adulthood, how excited she was about her new album, and how she puts her own creativity in her performances, using the MTV music awards performance as an example.

Miley has reached so far into music from the point where she started; she now knows what sells, and what can become main stream.

Others who have reached this point are Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and, of course, Madonna. Whatever Cyrus decides to do from now on, will be seen as true originality. She does what she wants, it’s not a copy of another artist, and she does not apologize for her insane antics, which attracts attention.

A young innocent girl from the South, whose father is Billy Ray Cyrus (“Ace Breaky Heart”), is now a musical leader and has a long music career ahead of her.