Lil Snupe’s RNIC

The cover of Lil Snupe's RNIC mixtape. (

The cover of Lil Snupe’s RNIC mixtape. (

By: Osiel Orellana

In his debut mixtape RNIC, Lil Snupe shows off his southern Louisiana style with his minor accent and Cajun slang. It is apparent through his music that he doesn’t take sides in the East vs. West coast rap battle. The theme of the album centers on him, including how he progressed in life, his ex-girlfriend, his family, and, of course, his bragging.

The tempo of the album varies from moderate with soft vocals in the background like on the song “Nobody,” to fast, with more lively beats as in the song “Melo,” where Lil Snupe raps about his rise from the ghetto to the current life he lives; the wealthy, popular celebrity lifestyle, similar to New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony.

The album starts off with a stomping beat in the song “Take Over” featuring DJ Khaled. Snupe finishes with a more urban sound to balance out the album’s tone in “Sellin Dope” featuring Yo Gotti.

Snupe is consistent with his lyrics, tone, and content throughout the album. With stars like rap stars and producers like Meek Mill, Dj Khaled, Trae Tha Truth, and Curren$y, the album’s sure to bring attention and curiosity.

The album, enjoyable for old school and modern rap listeners, had a burst in sales after Lil Snupe’s death last June.

It deserves four out of five stars because of Snupe’s originality. Today, most new rappers start their careers rapping humbly and not trying to show off or work with any other artists. Snupe chose the opposite, bringing in major artists to enhance his album. He did not try to mimic the styles of today’s rap with the technical editing and beat drops but instead went back a few years to the more simple beats used by artists like Nas, DMX and Ice Cube.

The album does lack a sense of intimacy between the artist and consumer, but it is not something that affects the quality. Lil Snupe does not give a sense of who he is; he stays away from more personal subjects. Overall this album is a great sound that will be replayed over and over again.