Insidious: Chapter 2

The movie poster for Insidious: Chapter 2. (IM Global)

The movie poster for Insidious: Chapter 2. (IM Global)

By: Julianna Araujo

On Sept. 13, the second installment of the horror trilogy Insidious scared its way into theaters across the country. Insidious I, released in 2010, was such a success that a second movie was already in high demand.

Directed by James Wan, the story picks up a day after the events that ended the first movie. Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) is faced with the near impossible challenge of trying to piece together what evil spirit had possessed her husband, Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) causing him to kill the one source of help available in this supernatural mess.

Renai moves her family of three children into her mother in-laws house with hope that whatever was haunting them in their old home does not follow them; of course they were not so lucky. With spirits following their every move, Renai begins a terrifying adventure to protect her family and bring her real husband back.

Throughout the course of the 106 minute PG-13 film, mind boggling secrets about Josh’s past are uncovered, tying together all the loose ends of the first movie, such as who is the real killer and what exactly is possessing the family.

Insidious II surpassed what was expected at the box offices, collecting over $41 million in only the first weekend. Crowds continue to steadily flow into theaters to experience Insidious for themselves.

As the film concludes numerous questions are left unanswered, with a cliff hanger unveiled in the final scene. Announced two days after the second movie was released, an Insidious III is already in the works and set to premier within the next two years.

Insidious II delivers nonstop horror and suspense. It deserves four out of five stars because of the fantastic way in which viewers are engrossed in the film, already begging for more as the credits begin to roll.