AHS Debate Club

Members of the AHS Debate Club. (Photo/Tyree Cooper)

Members of the AHS Debate Club. (Photo/Tyree Cooper)

By: Tyree Cooper

The Debate Club, advised by ELL teacher Mr. Larry Carpenter, is a place where students discuss just about anything, from local to national topics, to sharing personal opinions and listening to others.

The club was started in May 2011 by Analia Cueuas (2013 alumni). Students debate in room 222A, every Wednesday at 2 p.m. for an hour. The president of the debate club is Hunter Wain (10).

During meetings, members vote on a topic, and which ever topic has the highest number of votes wins, and that is the next discussion. Everyone splits up into two groups of their choice – the positive side of the topic or the negative side.

Each group, for a couple of meetings, gather information on their side of the topic to prove their argument. In the end, a person from each opposing side debates at the podium, and at the end a judge determines which group won the argument, based on the kind of information used and how it was presented.

Topics are determined by the members’ interest and what they feel strongly about, but the topics are always school appropriate, they are not offensive to anyone in any way, and are not on too “touchy” a subject. The club aims to debate ideas that have strong opposing sides where there are lots of things to say.

Wain is very dedicated to the club and all its members. He said, “I like debating. I wanted to get involved at AHS, and it looks good on college applications and job applications. Also, I want to be a prosecutor, so this will help in my journey to my career.”

He says he sees himself being president until he graduates. In his feelings towards the members, he said, “They’re all very good debaters. They’re all funny and very energetic.” He added, “I love being president. I enjoy running the club, although there are lots of responsibilities, like organizing it all.”

Mamanding Nasso (12) said, “I joined in 2011, my sophomore year. I think it’s fun. I like debating with people, and I like stating my opinion.”

“The people are funny, and everyone here is nice. I like to debate because I want to be a politician,” said Madeline Griffin (9).

Joining the debate club is a great experience, where students are able to learn a lot about different topics, share ideas, stay involved, hang out, and meet new friends.