A Legend Reborn

A title card for The Legend of Korra. (Viacom)

A title card for The Legend of Korra. (Viacom)

By: Keegan Douglass

The Nickelodeon television series The Legend of Korra takes place after the successful animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  It follows the next Avatar, Korra (Janet Varney), on her quest to stop the Equalists and their leader Amon (Steve Blum), who is attempting to take away the powers of all Benders.

A bender has the gift to “bend” one of the four elements; earth, fire, water, or air. The Avatar is the one person with the ability to “bend” all four elements; Korra is that one person.

This series is a wonderful follow up and serves its purpose very well. It has very few plot holes and even if there are some, they are completely unnoticeable. Its ability to match up the original series is simply outstanding; never before has there been a follow-up series done as well as this one.

The casting choice was perfect. Every actor is well versed in their field, especially the actors who returned for the original series, like Dante Basco as General Iroh. Rarely would a viewer be aware that someone was acting; everyone was fluent and knew what they were doing.

The only actor who was off-putting and awkward was Daniel Dae Kim; once he revealed his true identity he altered the way he spoke, which was completely unnecessary and unrealistic. He spoke in the cliché “bad guy” voice that is used in every movie.

As for the other actors, they were all very fluent and sounded like they were having a real conversation. When the actors used their real speaking voice, they sound realistic and viewers can’t recognize any behind-the-scenes work.

The animation was beautiful; both Computer Generated Images (CGI) and normal hand-drawn animation  blended perfectly. Whenever a character was supposed to express a certain emotion, not only could it be heard in the voice of the actor, but also seen in the facial expression of the characters.

Unlike Avatar, the music does not have as much of an effect on the show in general. That’s not to say that the music was bad, just not very memorable; however, there were some flashbacks where music from the original series would be played.

If a viewer had seen the original series, said viewer would probably be pleased. Other than that, the music didn’t have much of an emotional effect.

Minus the minute flaws, this television show is almost perfect; it’s suspenseful, realistic, romantic, and nostalgic. All in all, this series deserves a total of four out of five stars.