Nothing Was The Same


The cover of Drake’s latest album, Nothing Was the Same. (

By: Menappe Kinkoue Poufong

Drizzy, Champagne Papi, October’s Very Own: names synonymous with the actor turned rapper commonly referred to as Drake. As the popularity of gritty, violence riddled Hip-Hop and Rap music rises, Drake continues to blaze a path for the revival of the ‘90s smooth and cunning R&B music. However, with this resurgence, he has added his own distinct personal touches.

The 26 year old, Toronto-born artist’s third studio album, Nothing Was the Same, encompasses those ‘90s principles while also infuses unique singing and rapping styles. The culmination of styles has solidified him as the epitome of Hip-Hop and R&B’s diversifying genres.

Drake sets the tone for his latest album with the introductory song, “Tuscan Leather.” The song consists of a triumphant and upbeat melody, which coincides perfectly with his lyrics of success. Drake broadcasts his success when, in that same song, he proclaims, “I reached heights that Dwight Howard couldn’t reach / Prince Akeem, they throw flowers at my feet.”

Contrary to “Tuscan Leather,” “From Time” featuring Jhené Aiko, comprises of very personal lyrics blended into a calm and soothing melody. Drake gives listeners an insight into his life when in the song, he expresses, “The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree / I’ve always been feelin’ like she was the piece to complete me / Now she’s engaged to be married, what’s the rush on commitment? / Know we were goin’ through some stuff, name a couple that isn’t.”

Overall, the album deserves four out of five stars because of its universal theme of confidence, brutal honesty, and the constant expression of emotions paired with relaxed and slow-paced melodies that give off a comforting vibe. Released in late Sept., Drake’s Nothing Was the Same can be purchased at Best Buy, f.y.e., and on iTunes.


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  1. datdank

    I totally agree with you with your rating for this album. The brutal honesty and the slow beats, its really something you can lay back and chill to. Drake keeps it real and it has caused alot of haters to surface, but the success of this album and the previous ones can lay all that hate to rest. Great post! Love your opinion, you’ve been followed 🙂

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